ny-lon is developing a new retail brand with traveller, adventurer, and explorer Ben Fogle. Ben has spent his life outdoors exploring the furthest corners of the globe, and is passionate about promoting the wilderness to the next generation.

His brand will reflect his commitment to the wild side of life.

Traveller, adventurer, explorer, wildman and journeyman, Ben Fogle has spent his life in the great outdoors. He has spent two decades exploring the furthest corners of the globe. From rowing oceans and trekking across polar regions to swimming with wild crocodiles and sharks, Ben has made the wilderness a place to celebrate and embrace.

Travel and adventure teach us about ourselves and others. As a father of two young children, Ben’s new passion is to share the great outdoors with a new generation. His new brand will be part of that mission, made up of a range of goods designed to reconnect us with the lost art of the outdoors.