Case Study - Shinola

Shinola is an American brand we admire greatly.

Briefly, the vision of its founder, Tom Kartsotis, was to bring manufacturing back to Detroit as well as creating a genuinely American made, affordable, luxury brand.

 As well as a handsome range of watches and leatherware, Shinola makes and retails, beautiful bicycles which even someone who doesn’t cycle would want to own. 

Shinola watch1.jpg

As well as wholsale, they are opening Shinola stores in key US and international locations. As you would expect, the stores are beautifully designed but Shinola knows that these days an exciting store experience is key to driving footfall. 

Some stores have cafes, others, barber shops. All stores put on an extensive programme of interesting in-store events. For example when the company launched in London (Shinola, 13 Newburgh Street, Soho, London, W1F 7RS), they put on a series of events with Jocks and Nerds ( to promote the skills of American craftsmen based in the UK.